Loose weight Hypnotherapy surrey

Weight loss is a difficult journey, filled with emotional pitfalls. To some, it can feel like travelling through an amusement park fun house, complete with mirrors that distort your view of your body and trapdoors that knock your feet out from under you where you’re least expecting it.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss is here to take the surprises and hidden scares out of weight loss. By helping you into a deeply relaxed state, your hypnotherapist in Surrey will open the opportunity for you to explore why weight loss is difficult, how you can help your weight loss and ways for you to live a happier life.

Does Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Work?

Hypnotherapy for weight loss is a crucial complement to weight loss techniques. Weight gain doesn’t happen overnight and is often the result of internal and external struggles. Negative beliefs, emotional connections, and behavioural patterns all play significant roles in weight gain and weight loss.

Other factors include eating disorders, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and other conditions that make weight loss difficult. Hypnotherapy can help with many of these.

By altering these patterns of thought, feeling, and behaviour, hypnotherapy for weight loss can help strengthen your weight loss journey.

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How Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Work?

Starting With The Foundation

Traditional hypnotherapy works to treat the problem, but this Surrey hypnotherapist takes a more holistic approach. We believe in finding the root of the problem and using hypnotherapy to help our clients into a relaxed state where they can open their minds.

This open mind allows them the space to discover more about themselves, getting to the truth of why their weight loss journey may be challenging for them so they can begin to move past it.

Understanding Why

Finding the root of the problem, or the “Why,” allows us to access more significant healing. So many times, our emotional pain is buried far below our conscious minds. We say, do, and believe things for reasons we have never been able to examine. Weight loss hypnotherapy allows you the time, space, and safety to explore, confront, and heal these reasons.

Using Your Full Potential

Hypnotherapy for weight loss isn’t a magic trick where the practitioner waves a pocket watch in front of the clients’ eyes. Instead, hypnotherapists understand we only consciously use 5% of our mind’s potential. The other 95% is unconscious and can be accessed through hypnotherapy.

Cutting To The Point

We can see results faster by approaching the issue from the cause rather than the effect. For example, some clients have even reported that in a single session, they’ve been able to stop smoking and seen their allergies, migraines, and high blood pressure all heal.

Using Hypnotherapy to Take Weight Off Your Shoulders

The excess weight we carry is never solely physical; it’s emotional as well. So to effectively lose weight, we must first set down the emotional weight we are carrying. Hypnotherapy can help you locate and expel the emotional weight holding you back. To book a consultation, visit our website and see how you can let go of your pain.