Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy

Your Secret Weapon Against a Lifetime of Negative Patterns

What is QHHT?

QHHT (short for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) was first developed in the late 1960s by Dolores Cannon, a regressive hypnotherapist and psychic researcher. QHHT started as an experiment to help people transform their own body and mind through hypnosis. Six decades later, QHHT practitioners in Guildford and worldwide have built countless success stories in using QHHT to discover and rewire the unconscious mind.
The goal of QHHT is to carry your mind into a theta wave state, which we normally experience at the brink of consciousness (like just before you fall asleep or before your alarm goes off in the morning). While we usually aren’t aware of what’s happening when we’re in this state, being there changes everything. Being there helps your Surrey hypnotherapist communicate with the subconscious mind and make new suggestions for a happier life going forward.
But QHHT goes deeper than healing your past. In fact, it goes deeper than your past at all. Many people who invest in QHHT in Guildford have visions of past lives – more than one sometimes – which are an integral part of our subconscious. In this past life regression process, your qualified hypnotherapist in Guildford will guide you along as you relive the past in order to initiate healing.

How QHHT Works

Set aside some time to heal your psyche, because you can expect your first quantum healing hypnosis therapy session to last 3-5 hours. However, most patients never return – that’s the power of just one QHHT session.
After an introductory interview to get an overview of your past and present, we will gently guide you into the theta state to initiate the hypnotherapy process. Your Guildford hypnotherapist, Marcin, can only help you if you’re honest from the start.
Did you know that you’re completely awake and aware during hypnotherapy? That’s the magic of it. You’ll be completely alert and in control, so we can get to the root of the mental or physical hurdles that are holding you back in life.
Knowing you’ll be cognisant will also help you relax and fully surrender to the process. Holding back will only hinder your progress. Rest assured – Marcin will be the gatekeeper guiding you every breath of the way. And when it’s time to restore full consciousness, Marcin will gently “wake you up” again so you can discuss your experience and pave the path ahead.

It’s important to remember that hypnotherapy is different for everyone. Some people resolve their issues in one QHHT session, others take more time. Some people resurface painful memories from childhood, others report visions of past lives that are interfering with their ability to be happy in their current existence. You are unique, and your Surrey hypnotherapist will treat you as such.

All sessions will be recorded by your Guildford hypnotherapist (with your permission) for future reference on your healing journey. Some people exit the trance-like state and can’t recall everything they said, and that’s where these recordings can prove invaluable later on.
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What QHHT is Not

While QHHT is one of the most powerful and natural ways to heal your mind and body, it’s not a miracle overnight cure for everyone. Some people have more multi-layered matters to resolve, which may require individual QHHT session per problem.
Whether you need hypnotherapy for self-care, addiction, or something else, patience is key. The most important thing is a genuine desire to heal. Hypnotherapy will not work if you are not open to healing and recovery. If you are ready to open your mind, explore your subconscious, and surrender to the process, then you know what to do.
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The History of QHHT

QHHT began with Dolores Cannon. Her work started in 1968 with past life regression. Over time, this extraordinary woman helped thousands of people directly access what she called The Subconscious.
The Subconscious in QHHT is viewed as a source of knowledge and connection. This aspect is both above and intertwined with the conscious mind. The Subconscious is a source, and accessing it honestly and intentionally can provide the necessary knowledge to heal individuals and unravel life’s mysteries.
Unfortunately, Dolores Cannon passed away in 2014. Her work continues, however, through the work of her daughter and thousands of trained practitioners. Dolores pioneered a program that allowed almost anyone to help others access The Subconscious, and that teaching continues today.
Every day, more people discover the potential of QHHT and how it can change their lives. Good Vibes Hypnotherapy in Guildford, Surrey, is proud to be part of this movement.