Free Relaxation

We all have a busy life and sometimes it is so difficult to stop for a moment and simply relax. Let go of all unwanted thoughts and feelings. You may decide to use this meditation to start your day with good energy, ready to live the day with full potential, or perhaps it will help you sleep with peace of mind and have an increased recovery during night time.
You can use it on daily basis or whenever you need it.

Healing light meditation it’s a guidance to self healing, connect with your inner power. You can use this meditation on a daily basis or whenever you need it.

Listen to this 10min full body relaxation every morning for at least 10 days and you will be surprised with the results. It will help you gain inner peace and discover your full potential.

Just as we taking shower every day, our energy field need it too.
This guided meditation will help you to remove any negative thoughts, feelings our negative energy.

QHHT allows people to very quickly access the subconscious or the higher self in order to see and understand their life challenges, situations or circumstances.

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