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What is Hypnotherapy?

QHHT is a drug-free option that can be used in conjunction with other therapies like past life regression or spiritual hypnotherapy, depends of the needs of the person. QHHT helps you access a natural state and work with your subconscious mind directly, which is a great gift for solving problems in your life. 

Whether you suffer from anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, or debilitating fears, the only way to change your beliefs is to offer new suggestions on a sub-conscious level. And that’s where Good Vibes hypnotherapy Guildford Surrey comes in, a natural way to heal your mind.

Hypnotherapy induces a trance-like state to help you focus your mind, relax deeply, and open your psyche to suggestions that can and will change your life.

Good Vibes hypnotherapy in Guildford Surrey helps clients overcome addictions, overcome anxiety, offers weight loss hypnotherapy, past life regression therapy, spiritual hypnotherapy, reiki healing and more.

All therapies are tailored to the individual needs of our clients in a safe and quickest possible way.


What is QHHT?

Short for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, QHHT takes traditional hypnotherapy to the next level. Using hypnosis, QHHT guides you into a theta wave state – the space between consciousness and just before we fall asleep (or wake up).
Normally, we can’t remember this phase the next day. But by being conscious of our minds during this time, we can learn things about ourselves that previously seemed impossible.
QHHT is a celebrated form of hypnotherapy that forms a direct line of communication with your subconscious. Understanding the mind is the only way to take control of it – and feeling in control is the only way to live your life on your terms. QHHT is the force behind countless success stories in terms of both physical and mental healing.
Your subconscious mind can be your worst enemy or best friend. Make sure yours is the latter by working with the best QHHT practitioners in Guildford.
Past Life Regression Hypnosis

The Benefits of Quantum Healing

“Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.” – Deepak Chopra 

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is hailed by hypnotherapy practitioners all over the world – even legendary alternative medicine advocate, Deepak Chopra. He describes QHHT as a ground-breaking exploration of consciousness, backed by powerful scientific research.
What the world loves about QHHT is that it’s a completely drug-free, natural way to heal your mind and, often, your body. We all know the saying, “mind over matter.” It’s unsurprising that many people with depression and anxiety experience recurring physical illnesses too. If you’ve tried everything to heal your mind with little to no success, then QHHT could be your saving grace.
Working directly with the subconscious mind has produced astounding results for Guildford hypnotherapy patients. There is only one person on the planet powerful enough to break your subconscious patterns and heal from deep-seated trauma. And that’s the person reading this page right now.
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Private Guildford Hypnotherapy

Your QHHT practitioner in surrey will help you release negative patterns, heal old wounds, access your karmic records, and – most importantly – find happiness in your life right now.

Good Vibes Hypnotherapy | Hypnotherapy Services in Guildford

Online Hypnosis Therapy

While Quantum Healing Hypnosis can only occur face-to-face, we offer online hypnosis therapy if you can’t make it in-person. Each online hypnosis session lasts around 90 minutes – a shorter online alternative to QHHT. Embark on the road towards healing with a qualified hypnotherapist in Guildford, no matter where in the world you are.

Good Vibes Hypnotherapy | Hypnotherapy Services in Guildford

Group Regression Workshops

Improve your lives as a collective in group regression workshops. Many of our visitors report witnessing past life events, helping them make much more sense of the present.

How Hypnotherapy Works

Many of our clients walk away from their first QHHT session – and never return. That’s because the standard 3 to 5-hour booking is enough to initiate authentic healing that lasts for life. While everyone is different, our clients all follow the same journey to maximise their benefits of quantum healing, with:

1: The Interview

We urge our clients to be as honest as possible. With genuine answers, your Guildford hypnotherapist can better guide you on this journey.

2: The Relaxation

Once we know more about who you are and what you’re hoping to achieve, your hypnotherapist can gently lull you into a deep state of relaxation; the only way to make subconscious suggestions.

3: The Therapy

Once you have reached your deepest stage of relaxation, your Surrey hypnotherapist will slowly start questioning the subconscious to reveal the answers needed for healing to begin.

One FREE Online Hypnotherapy Consultation

A Lifetime of Joy
During your free hypnotherapy consultation, we’ll discuss where you are in life now, where you want to be, and what it will take to get there. At Good Vibes Hypnotherapy, we encounter people from all walks of life who need…

Hypnotherapy for Self-Care

Hypnotherapy for Bad Habits

Hypnotherapy for Performance

Hypnotherapy for Health

You Deserve to Be Happy

Choose Hypnotherapy SERVICES in Guildford to Rediscover Your Joy!

My name is Marcin, and it there’s anyone who understands what you’re going through – it’s me. In fact, hypnotherapy saved my life when all other avenues failed.

As a fully qualified hypnotherapist in Guildford, QHHT praktitioner  and a graduate of the London College of Clinical Hypnosis, I’ve made it my mission to help my fellow humans find and resolve the root perpetrators behind their suffering. I’m also a member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis, and a level two QHHT practitioner in Surrey.

Whether you battle chronic anxiety, treatment-resistant depression, or crippling PTSD, the ONLY way to move forward is to rewind to where it all began. Chances are, you have deep scars on your psyche that no drugs can repair.
It’s important to understand that hypnotherapy is not an expense; it’s an investment into the only thing that matters in life. Your happiness.

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Tomasz Kołpaczek
Tomasz Kołpaczek
Best Guildford Hypnotherapy Specialist in my opinion! Having sessions with Marcin is something I would recommend for everyone, regardless of what you are hoping to achieve, you’re sure to benefit. Marcin is a kind and caring individual who helps you to feel at ease throughout the sessions. He works with you to achieve your objectives and takes the time to plan and prepare each one for maximum benefit!
Mila Banach
Mila Banach
I came across Marcin's profile on social media by chance however nothing, in our lives happens by accident! I decided to get in touch with Marcin and use his services to find the answers to the questions about my life's path and purpose. Living through my past lives, during the hypnosis, it was difficult but Marcin kept me safe by "holding my hand" and guided me all the way through, really wonderfully. It has been over two months since the session and I can honestly say that the questions are starting to being answered, slowly but informatively and my path is clearer with every day. Absolutely fully recommended to anyone seeking clarity and purpose of life. Thank you Marcin!
It was my first experience with this healing techniqeI experienced this healing method for the first time and I must admit that it made me look at many things in greater perspective which helped me understand myself better.
Energy Universe
Energy Universe
Znam Marcina dosc dawno,zawsze mialem do Niego zaufanie I tym razem korzystajac z sesji QHHT rowniez sie nie pomylilem.Otworzyl przede mna sfery o ktorych tylko czytalem. Teraz doswiadczylem tego sam na sobie. Dziekuje Marcin to bylo mistyczne przezycie 🙏Zaraz Po sesji dzwoni I zapytuje sie jak sie czuje? Czy Wszystko okay? Minelo juz troche czasu a On nadal wykazuje troske .Polecam Marcina
Mateusz Sog
Mateusz Sog
Świetny specjalista, profesjonalne podejście, szeroka wiedza w temacie. Bardzo pomocna i lecznicza sesja. Gorąco polecam każdemu by lepiej poznać i zrozumieć siebie.
Patrycja P
Patrycja P
Całym sercem polecam pracę z Marcinem. Po jednej bardzo intensywnej sesji wiele spraw się rozjaśniło, wiele zostało wytłumaczone, a przede wszystkim znalazłam siły do dalszej pracy nad sobą. Na tym jednym spotkaniu na pewno się nie zakończy.
Ana G
Ana G
I’ve had to think a bit what feedback I can give after my Quantum Healing session with Marcin, and only words that I have in my head are thank you, for the amazing session, and Marcin is very friendly, kind and professional. He makes you feel comfortable with him and with ourselves you. I wasn't sure if hypnosis was going to work with me but now I can say that some things that i discovered make a lot of sense now. Thank you Marcin for my amazing session.
Fabian Alatoe
Fabian Alatoe
A very unique and amazing experience. I wasn't sure what to expect, but after some good advice I went on with it. I didn't regret it for a second! I can definitely recommend Marcin. The conversation, the 'trip' and the wake-up. Thank you so much brother, greetings and love from the Netherlands!
Paulina Anuszkiewicz
Paulina Anuszkiewicz
Bardzo polecam. Marcin jest bardzo profesjonalny a jednocześnie to niesamowicie ciepła osoba. Dużo mi pomógł i serdecznie polecam ❤️ I highly recommend. Marcin is very professional and an incredibly warm person. He helped me a lot and I heartily recommend him 🙂